Digital Strategy Services

  • Implementation with client of sustained and efficient model to manage its digital assets within a defined budget

  • Expansion of Client’s brand integrating web, mobile and traditional advertising in seamless marketing program

  • Maximization of web’s social media value by incorporating unique customer experience management solutions to enhance Client revenues

  • Reset of the digital social media landscape for large cap and middle market companies to fit cost effective web marketing solutions into their B to B and B to C product or services offerings

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Counselors to all stakeholders, including management, Boards of Directors, private equity sponsors, employee and shareholder groups on operations and long term planning for middle market businesses

  • Project expertise across broad industry sectors for capital raising and strategic partnerships to support growth and venture businesses

  • Unique Approach to financing and expanding new growth companies in mobile and traditional technology markets

Transactional M&A and Financing Specialists

  • Developing monetization plan for corporate businesses through counseling of owners in positioning business for sale, providing market valuation and identifying suitors across markets

  • Management of entire M&A process, ID of potential suitors, structuring, due diligence, and negotiation to closing of complex public and private transactions in US and international sectors

  • Implementation of complex , multi tranche financial transactions at all levels of capital structure