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About Us

West End's team of seasoned professionals has managed complex conglomerate and growth company operations, directed, negotiated and closed acquisitions and divestitures for companies across a broad landscape of industries and has structured complex vendor, customer, and financing arrangements that Fortune 500 companies require, while preserving the flexibility and culture of private and public growth companies. Toward this end, West End brings the best operating practices of large businesses to emerging growth and middle market product and services businesses. West End's advisory services emphasize the expansion of client companies' platforms with new branding, technology, and "best of breed" solutions that enhance the stakeholder's value. West End has also directed the growth of small businesses, leveraging proven industry sales, marketing and operations skills to grow these franchises into sustainable long term companies.

West End's approach utilizes a distributed operating format that brings together an innovative business team on a project basis. West End's team includes seasoned executives and strategic consultants who have significant experience in advising, operating and regrowing small to large cap businesses in the US and international markets. West End uses new technology market capabilities to bring the power of the Internet and associated new technologies to bricks and mortar companies. West End's management has highly skilled and experienced crisis managers who can direct the regrowth of companies in complex restructurings, including U.S. and international bankruptcy proceedings.